Grow Every Day Moments


It is a fundamental right for every child to grow healthy with stronger bodies and sharper minds.

If this right is to be fully guaranteed, then all, particularly Mums with growing children, require all the essential information that will help their children ‘Grow Every Day’, ensuring that the child get proper nutrients to develop and in the right amount.

This is our fundamental belief, that every child has the right to proper development in their journey to adulthood, and our desire is to actively support the daily growth of the Nigerian child with the nourishment provided by Nunu milk.

However, we cannot talk about creating a bright future for these children without recognizing the significant and all important role that mothers play in the realization of this goal. To mums, every growth milestone achieved by a child is important and worthy of being acknowledged. To mums, a child’s growth can be expressed in so many ways.

Hence we launched the ‘Grow Every Day Moments’ campaign to encourage mothers to share the ideals of what ‘Grow Every Day’ means to them as it relates to the ‘growth’ of their kids while encouraging them to give more attention to ensuring proper nutrition for their growing children

We asked mums to share details of those special moments that made up their children’s lives. They happily did so, with much gratitude for the role Nunu milk played along the way.


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Tina & Corban Okunbor

Anthonia & Judith Benson Aaruna

Stella & Gift Ikechukwu