Not many kids enjoy Mathematics but the delightful Esther Okade is another exception. She loves it so much that she’s currently studying it as a degree at the UK Open University.

The shocker – she’s barely 12 years old!

Back in 2015, international news outlets released details of her amazing story. Home-schooled all her life, the little prodigy actually got a C in Mathematics under the General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE). Notably, the exam is the equivalent of the Senior Secondary Certificate Examination in Nigeria (SSCE) in the United Kingdom. Her impressive range of grades at A-Levels, including a B in Pure Maths was what secured her admission.

Her biggest supporter is her dear mum, Omoefe. It turns out the British-Nigerian is an expert Mathematician in her own right and home-schooled both Esther and her brother, Isaiah. The concept of home-schooling is a rarity in our corner of the world, but countless stories like Esther’s point to its success rate especially when taught by a highly competent tutor.

What does the future hold for little, smart Esther?

In an interview with MailOnline, she dished on her plans to study a PhD and become a banker. Let’s be on the lookout for this superstar whiz kid, Mums. Who knows? Your kid might be in the same PhD class with her!

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