If music is good food for the soul, then this kid must be a world-class chef!

The talented Akorede Odukale is a 16-year-old saxophonist well known for his beautiful melodies. At age 12, his supportive parents enrolled him as a participant on Season 2 of Kids Got Talent. Not only did he do really well, outperforming his peers, he came in first place!

Way to go, Korede Sax!

It just so happens that the Yoruba name Akorede means “a child who came with fortune”. It looks like his parents saw his shine from the start, and we can only imagine the amazing songs and albums he has in store for the world.

What’s the secret of his success?

Constant practice. Here’s what he had to say on the subject, as cited by Ajapaworld: “I rehearse almost every day, at least about four hours, and when school is in session I rehearse every weekend for about two hours.”

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