As mums, it is important to create healthy patterns that eventually become habits for kids. Habits can be hard to break either good or bad, so we advise that you help them build great habits that will make them outstanding kids. While there are tons of healthy habits, we’ve picked out 4 interesting habits to introduce to your kids at an early age.



  • Reading


You can be the reason your kids fall in love with literature. And this can help them get ahead of their class. Embedding reading culture in kids should start really early. You can start with reading them bedtime stories and then slowly introduce them to new words. Most kids who start reading early grow up with a good command of grammar. According to, teaching kids to read early helps them pick up phonics.



  • Healthy Eating (drinking lots of water)


If we knew the health benefits of some of our meals as kids, we’d probably have had more of them. Teaching kids early about the benefit of some foods will help guide their thought process when they are of age to decide their own meals. This is also a good age to teach them the importance of drinking lots of water. You can start with helping them enjoy drinking water by infusing fruity flavours in their water.



  • Washing Their Hands


One of the easiest ways germs are transferred into the body is through the hands, dirty hands. We cannot overemphasize the importance of getting kids to habitually wash their hands. Washing your hands is the first line of defense against the spread of some diseases says



  • Physical Activity


This can even become a way to bond with them. Consider taking walks with them, racing with them, teaching them to ride bikes, engaging in soccer games or other physical activities. Helping engage in any of these is a good way to help them build stronger bones as they grow older. As published in, exercise when combined with healthy diet provides the foundation for a healthy active life.


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