Are you looking for ways to keep your kids healthy, strong and fit?

We’re here to help! Just like you, the Nunu Milk team understands how important exercise is for children’s physical and mental development. The suggestions below will get you started on your much-needed journey to your kids’ fitness and all-round success.

1. Encourage outdoor games and sports: Kids spend too much time in front of TV these days. Keep them active instead with fun outdoor games like hide and seek, hopscotch or even sports like football. Studies show kids can burn up to 172 calories while riding a bicycle, so you can be certain of weight being kept off when your children participate.

2. Take family walks: Not only does this activity help with your kid’s fitness; it provides much-needed family time. You can choose to stroll around your neighbourhood or to local shops on a weekly basis, helping with blood circulation.

3. Get a dog: Think about it! Playing with an active dog daily is enough exercise for anyone. Of course, this depends on how large your compound space and children allergies, but it’s a good idea to pursue that your kids will enjoy.

4. Sign them up for P.E. classes: If your children’s school offers Physical Education, it’s advised that you make sure they participate. With these classes, you are assured of guided workouts with the teacher being present. P.E. is also a great way to encourage interaction with other kids.

5. Encourage Family Exercise: Don’t hit the gym all alone. Encourage your children too. It’s important to imbibe the fitness culture early in them as a healthy life is a wealthy life. Make it fun. Let them be your coach. Let them give workout routines and exercises.


Don’t let your kids do all these activities alone! You can join in the fun too. For ways you and your kids can get active and bond together try our article Parent-Child Bonding Activities.