Today, we’ll be debunking common healthy-eating myths. No one knows where and how they came to be, but what’s important is calling them out as the myths they are. Read, learn and share with other mums:

1. Myth: “Eating fats will make you fat.”

Fact: According to Women’s Health Magazine, what matters is the kind of fats you and your kids eat. Are they healthy? Are they in the essential fatty acids class? If your answers are yes and yes, then go ahead, get your nutrition boost.

2. Myth: “It’s not good to drink milk when you have a cold. It makes it worse.”

Fact: Research – cited in Reader’s Digest – shows there’s actually no connection between milk and mucus production. So please, by all means, let your kids enjoy delicious and nutritious Nunu in and out of cold season.

3. Myth: “Vitamin C is an excellent cure for colds.”

Fact: Well, Vitamin C helps but “don’t expect a miracle” as cited on Live Science. So while boosting your kids’ Vitamin C levels, remember to also give them prescribed over-the-counter cold medications, help them sleep well and keep them hydrated.

4. Myth: “Once the food is labelled “all-natural”, it’s healthy automatically.”

Fact: Mums, that’s not always the case. According to Health, some of the yoghurts and juices with that label are actually high in fructose. That’s a chemical that contributes to obesity. With this in mind, be careful to read through the list of food label ingredients next time you go grocery shopping.

5. Myth: “Calories are not good. Avoid them at all costs.”

Fact: Remember that you and your children need calories to survive. They give you the energy you need for daily activities. As the Food Network points out, be more concerned with quality over quantity.

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