The summer holiday is here, Mums!  

Save your kids from boredom with a well-planned itinerary, complete with fun games and outdoor activities. First things first though. Sit with your kids and plan together. After all, it’s their summer, so let them have a say in plans. You can even step things up by creating a daily activity chart. This way, the kids can always keep track of their activities.

Read on for a few suggestions:

Road trips: Pack some lunch, healthy snacks and mats. Go on a road trip, visit parks and gardens, museums, beaches, waterfalls and other fun places.

Summer camps: Everyone loves summer camps and the fun activities available. These include bonfires, tales by moonlight storytelling and so on.

Enrol them in classes: Guess it’s time to sign them up for swimming, cooking, sewing, coding and other fun classes. During the school season, they get so swamped with school and may not have time for these activities. It’s important they participate, to keep them well-rounded.

Outdoor activities: it’s time to get dirty and play outside with the kids. They can engage in at least one of the following games:

  • Water ball
  • Water gun fights
  • Backyard water slides
  • Muddy football
  • Bubble games
  • Treasure hunts



Art and craft sessions: This summer, practice some Do It Yourself crafts with the kids. This will go a long way in unleashing their creativity. There is a long list of art and crafts to choose from such as face painting, paper mache, shell painting etc. 

Chore games: Give your kids household chores and tasks. Rewards can come in form of payment so they begin to understand the concept of work.

There you go! Get your kid a summer journal so they can record all they did.

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