The milk and cereal popsicle is an interesting spin to the traditional breakfast recipe. We found it on, and were excited to share with our community of Nunu Mums!

It’s a win-win, this breakfast recipe. Not only will your kids enjoy the usual benefits of milk, they’ll get to enjoy the deliciousness of the treat and start their day, smiling.

Read on for the surprisingly simple instructions:


  •       1 medium or large banana
  •       1 cup, Greek yoghurt
  •       1/2 Cup Nunu Milk 
  •       1/2 Cup of your kids’ favourite dry cereal


  1. Blend bananas until mashed and smooth.
  2. Add your yoghurt and Nunu Milk slowly stirring it into the banana mixture.
  3.  Add your cereal and stir without crushing the bits.
  4.  Pour your new mix into popsicle moulds. Leave in a freezer for eight hours until they are solid.


There you go! We are sure your kids will enjoy this treat. View other kid-friendly breakfast recipes on our website like this croissant recipe.