As kids, the only times most of us handled toothpicks was when we spilt them on the floor or after a bowl of our mother’s favourite soup. Daniella Soje, however, deviates from the norm. In what would be best described as Toothpick Collage, Daniella creates the most artistic pieces using matchsticks and toothpicks alone.

Daniella’s relationship with art dates as far back as when she was 5 or 6 years old. She says she would write stories, illustrate them, and ask her mother to have them printed for sale. Her primary motivation for this, according to her, was to earn some extra money for her family and grow entrepreneurship.

For her 10th birthday, she organized an Art Exhibition for her works instead of the traditional birthday party, showing once again just how much she likes to break away from the mould. Even though she highlights Music as her favourite subject, Daniella also loves dance and acting, combining her love for the Arts with her studies seamlessly.

Daniella is currently a student of Lara Day Nursery and Primary School, Ikeja and hopes to be a role model to children all around.

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Header image credit: Tell My Story