It’s hard to cook healthy family meals in the mornings as a working mum. It’s a superwoman move –  prepping for work while making kids’ meals for the day, all in an hour or two. A simple life hack is to stock up your freezer with prepared ingredients you can whip together quickly. Here is a list of our favourites: 

Frozen vegetables

Adding vegetables to regular meals makes them more nutritious. And fortunately, they still retain their nutritional value even in a frozen state. Defrost and serve with popular options like beans, rice, sauce and also eggs. 

Cooked chicken, red meat, fish or turkey

Kids need protein – a lot of it – and meats are primary sources of this nutrient. For future meals, freeze cooked chicken, fish and turkey. You can always defrost these later and serve in meals.

Tomato sauce

Prepare and preserve tomato sauce. This will make the cooking of stews, sauces, jollof rice and other related dishes easier. Add your frozen veggies to boost nutrition.


Fruits have required vitamins for kids. For quick morning smoothies, have chopped pieces stored in your fridge.


Yoghurt is the perfect base for parfaits and smoothies.A healthy parfait is only two steps away with yoghurt available. Talk about quick meals!


Of course milk! Milk is rich in essential vitamins and nutrients. With the vitamins, calcium, zinc and selenium in Nunu milk, a glass a day will definitely improve nutrition.

Sliced potatoes and yam

Did you know that if you peel potatoes, put them in a bowl of water and store in the fridge, they will still remain fresh? Then all you’ll have to do is boil or fry. It’s that easy. You can also buy frozen potatoes, whichever you prefer.

Good Ol’ bread

This just had to make the list. It’s the perfect staple item to kickstart your day. With a few slices in their system, your kids will be fired up for the day. 

Meat stock

Honestly, meat stock in the fridge comes in handy more times than you can imagine. You can also use it to make fried rice.

So, there you have it! Equip your fridge and cheers to quick, healthy meals. If you found this post useful, you might also like to learn how to achieve a healthy balanced diet for your kids.