Every kid grows and learns differently. At the early stages of development, kids assimilate in very interesting ways. It is important to guide their process and exposures at this stage, to help them learn the right things that can help build their intellect.. There are a loads of things and practices that can build them intellectually, some of which are:



Drawing has been a form of expression for every growing kid irrespective of how good or bad they are in it. Its funny how from a sketch drawn by a kid of his family we can tell the emotional stability of the kid. This is usually depicted by smiles or frowns on the faces portrayed in these sketches. Drawing expands the expressive creativity of kids, letting them imagine how it is before they draw. Drawing gives room for a good photographic memory.



The use of building blocks is known to have a high positive effect on kids’ intellect. Kids who constantly engage in playing with building blocks have the possibility of acquiring early maths and engineering skills. Kids learn better when they can feel the objects. This can be an engaging means of teaching them basic numbers with a mix of addition, subtraction, and a little simple multiplication. It is good to boost your kids’ logical thinking from time to time.



Music which is naturally soothing is also frequently used by kids as a medium of expression and a very efficient means of learning. The use of rhymes to educate kids  have been passed down through generations to make learning more fluid and enjoyable for kids. Unlike the crude method of strictly writing on the board which has shown to be less effective than the use of music to educate children. It is important to keep their minds active and well exercised.



Reading keeps one’s imagination constantly energized thereby broadening their thinking capacity. This is highly essential; for kids as it helps them build their vocabulary and also aids in the enhancement of their communication skills which is very essential in their day to day encounter with other people in the community.


While your kids are involved in this mind-building activities, you can encourage them with a warm glass of sweet Nunu milk and cookies. It is nice to know that you encourage them in whatever they are doing not basing it on whether they are good at it or not.


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