Hey Mums!

Today, we would like to re-introduce you to one of the amazing nutrients kids get from Nunu milk, Vitamin D. It’s something the team is highly proud of because we know it goes a long way in promoting the smart growth of your children and others across Nigeria.

In case you are wondering what the big deal is about this vitamin, continue reading. You might also like to check out some of our delicious food recipes for kids with other Vitamin D sources like cheeses and egg yolk as ingredients:

1. It aids calcium and phosphorous absorption: This is a very vital function to the body because both nutrients are important for bone formation and development in growing kids. Even teeth need vitamin D, making it a must-have in the diets of our young ones apart from the sunlight’s provision.

2. It boosts immune systems: Scientific research proves that vitamin D contributes to an individual’s optimal immune system, even in young children. This protects them from respiratory problems and other health issues that could affect their all-round development.

3. It prevents rickets: Perhaps you have heard of the bone condition called rickets before. It’s a disease in children that causes bones to go soft and weak, making them bow or curve. It’s usually diagnosed in kids between the ages of 3 and 18 months. A Vitamin D deficiency continues to be its primary cause.

4. It curbs against diabetes: According to Lifespa, a new study strongly links the lack of vitamin D to diabetes I in children. The condition affects the lives of its patients severely and can lead to kidney failure, nerve damage and even blindness.

5. It stabilises kids’ moods and mental health: It turns out that this vitamin also helps with kids’ happiness too. Studies show that there is a strong connection between vitamin D and mood issues and mental illnesses including depression, seasonal affective disorder (SAD) amongst others, as cited on Mayo Clinic.

There you have it. Give your kids of Vitamin D enriched milk to help their immune systems, physical development amongst other benefits. You should probably check out our Milk Matters page too. More info awaits!

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