Dear Daddy,

Mummy told me it’s Father’s day and I’m very happy to have to write to you. No Daddy, I am not writing to ask for lollipop or ice cream like I always do. I’m writing to say Thank you, for all you have done, what you will still do and most especially, loving mummy and me.

You never forget to remind me every morning that I am your perfect gift from God. God chose me for you, and you are doing a really good job choosing to love me every day. Even when I spill all over your shirts or behave really naughty.

I have a lot of things to be thankful for. Listing all of them will finish the paper at home, so I’ll just write a few.

Thank you daddy, for always letting me know you are so proud of me.

Thank you for feeding me and letting me eat all the candy when mummy travelled.

Thank you for letting me watch cartoon network even when you wanted to watch CNN.

Thank you for carrying me and wiping away my tears all the times I cried.

Thank you for always seeing beauty in me and everything I do and calling me beautiful.

Thank you for the times you poured Nunu milk on your moustache and acted like the milk man. I think you should be a clown, you’re really good at it.

Thank you for playing my favourite songs during our rides to school.

Thank you for all the piggy back rides you gave me.

Thank you for making my mummy happy all the time.

Thank you for always forcing me to eat my meals and drink my Nunu milk because you know it will make me strong.

Thank you for being my teacher and helping me out with my maths homework.

Thank you for not telling mummy I was the one who broke her plate,you’re a lifesaver

Thank you for playing games with me. It makes me not want to grow up. Promise me daddy that you will not stop playing with me even when I’m so big like mummy. I love you so much and I will choose you over and over again if I had to. I am so proud to have you as my daddy, you are the best dad in the world.

For all the hugs and kisses, for everything, thank you Daddy.

You are my rock and superhero, I wouldn’t have asked for better. Happy Fathers day Dad.

With Love,

Your Nunu Super Kid.

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