We are really excited to share the story of the outstanding Moziah Bridges with you. As CEO of Mo’s Bows, the fourteen-year-old Moziah Bridges, is the brains behind a budding fashion house in the United States with a net worth of N75 million(US$150,000).

Little Mo started his business at age 9! The little fashionista was tired of the limited range of colourful bowties for kids in stores and wanted to do something about it. His solution – to use skills passed on from his seamstress grandma to produce handmade varieties for sale.

Today, he leads a team of five and has even been featured in Vogue Magazine. All bow-ties are sewn from scratch with an eclectic range of African and vintage prints to choose from.

When asked what his vision for his brand is, he had this to say to Inc.com, “”Designing a colourful bow tie is just part of my vision to make the world a fun and happier place.”

Is your kid very fashion forward? Or maybe he or she is great at sewing. Let this story inspire you to help your child become outstanding with this skill. You never what this could lead to – the next big thing in fashion design maybe?