Hey Nunu Mums! In this post, we share a list of simple and quick games to play that will make the experience of healthy eating for kids fun. You know as well as we do that games help keep kids active, healthy and energised. They also go a long way in team building too (for mums with many kids). So try out these games soon and let us know what you think:

  1. Table setting contest

Don’t let setting the table be a boring chore for your kids. Instead, make it a fun game. Challenge them to arrange it as neatly as possible for a special prize. You can even make things interesting by timing them. However, make sure no safety hazards are in the way. To stop them from tripping, they should also be encouraged to move fast without running.

  1. Name Your Nutrients

Point to different food items in your pantry and ask your kids to guess what nutrients each is a primary source of. For options like Nunu Milk, they’ll be glad to learn there’s a long list of vitamins and minerals to discover. All the amazing benefits of milk!

  1. Fruit or vegetable?

Did you know that tomatoes and cucumbers are healthy fruits, not vegetables? Test your kids’ knowledge with an outlay of commonly mistaken items. We bet you would be surprised by how much your kids know about their health and nutrition.

  1. The Lunch Box Game

Your kids are going to love this quick, easy game. With five minutes on the clock, challenge them to pack their lunch boxes properly, including their healthy snacks and Nunu Milk packs. For mums with many kids, it’s a great way to organise your mornings while creating a bonding opportunity with your little ones.

  1. Colour Me Salad

Have a tray of colourful, healthy fruits and vegetables out for your kids. Next, ask them to create a salad of 4-7 ingredients, with colours of the rainbow represented. Red peppers, Orange Carrots, Yellow peppers, Green Cucumbers,  Purple onions… the list is endless.


These just go to show that “playing with food” isn’t always a bad thing.
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