Food for thought: Will your kids be busy taking charge and running things in their teens?

At only 17, Wadi Ben-Hirki founded a charity organization called the Wadi Ben-Hirki Foundation (WBHF). The organisation helps disadvantaged children in the society, initiating campaigns like “Girls, Not Wives” and “Street To School”.

Girls Not Wives is set to fight against female genital mutilation and child-bride marriages in Nigeria, with campaigns for gender-equality and girl-child education. Street2School, on the other hand, works to get children off the streets and back to school with all school fees paid.

In an interview with TrendPrive Magazine, Wadi – who is now 19 years old – explained what drives her to do what she does so well. It’s simply the fact that millions of Nigerian have no access to the basic amenities of life.

What are some of Wadi’s future goals for the foundation? First, she would like to support the less privileged children with scholarships, feeding, and clothing, and also to raise funds for charity homes and schools.

In the future, she also hopes that her organization gains global recognition, and is able to provide help internationally to less privileged and disadvantaged kids. She plans to achieve this by establishing an online presence that will help her reach more people through social media.

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Image credit: YouTube