Luis Esquivel Jr can double or square any number said to him.

In April of 2016, Luis was on the Little Big Shots – a show hosted by Steve Harvey. Like every other kid who had appeared on the show before, Luis was outstanding. He displayed an uncanny mastery of numbers. Luis played the doubles and squares game with Steve.

In the squares game, he was able to rapidly reply – correctly – with the number that was the double of the ones called out to him. In the squares game, he worked out the square of 162 correctly and rather quickly. He did all the maths in his head. Luiz was five years old at the time.

When Steve Harvey penned the number 876,946,351,798,345,601,801 on a board, Luis astounded everyone by calling it correctly. That’s in quintillions by the way – in case you were wondering.

Luiz and his family live in Wahiawa, Hawaii. In an interview with NBC news, Esquivel Snr had this to say about his son: “He knows the whole periodic table, and he knows the atomic numbers for all of the elements. He can name every state and also every country in the world. He knows the planets, the name of the third-closest star to our solar system and the speed of light in miles and kilometres.”

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