It’s that time again when the kids are getting ready to go back to school. Checklists make life simpler and hassle free. We have prepared a list of very important items that will help you prepare your kid for an awesome year.

Back pack:

when getting this, the age of your kid should be considered. Older kids require bigger back packs that would fit school books, folders etc. It is advised to buy trolley bags as it helps relieve the weight off your kid’s shoulders.

School shoes: This should be slip proof to avoid playground accidents. Don’t forget the sports shoes, they’re important too.


Writing materials are very essential. This includes- Pens (blue, black, red), Pencil and pencil sharpener, Color pencils, Color markers, Eraser, Ruler etc.

Books: Most times the books our kids use at school is provided by the school after haven paid for them of course but you may consider getting a scrap book or jotter to teach them the habit of jotting down things.

Lunch bag/ lunch box:  Lunch box is one item you do not want to forget.

Water bottles:

 When buying water bottles try as much as possible not to buy ‘suck it up’ water bottles as particles of food get stuck inside the straw and this can be hard to clean.  Freshly squeezed juice or Milk can be put in the water bottles for our kids to take along to school.

Hand wipes: Germs are everywhere. These are essential for kids to wipe their hands before and after eating.

Inner wears: Buy cotton inner wears as they soak up sweat and allow your  kid’s skin breathe.

Packaged snacks:This may include nuts, chips and any other healthy snack.

Calculator:This is essential if you have an older kid.

Mathematical set:

Now, this is one item you also do not want to leave out.

Stockings: Your kid’s school outfit will not be complete without stockings. These should also be made of cotton.

New school wears:

You should get these if your kid is going to another school, if it is under size or old.

If you have mentally ticked out these items, then you can be sure that your kid has  the essential items he/she requires to go back to school.

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