We bet you are as excited as we are to learn about Wael Mahmoud, who at just the age of six, had an Intelligent quotient(IQ) Of 155 points, He could memorize the entire multiplication table at just age three and the first words he ever said were numbers. If this isn’t cool, then we don’t know what is!

He was born January 1999, and now 18 years old.  In 2016, Mahmoud won the world’s smartest kid award and became the youngest computer programmer as at then. Given his achievement, he was nominated by Microsoft to pursue a career in computer programming.

Still curious about why we call him Young Bill Gates, then you should see some of his achievements- He holds the International Baccalaureate Diploma from Green Land International School of Switzerland and was awarded five international certificates in the field of technology and computer science (MCTS, CCNA, CCNP, MCITP, MCTS (2008)).  These degrees and a scholarship were offered to him from American University and Microsoft.

Not only is he a computer genius, He also makes time for sports and has a brown belt in karate.

Mahmoud aspires to become the youngest scientist to win a noble prize. He speaks French and Germany and loves reading history.

So, kids, you too can become like Mahmoud or even better than him. All you have to do is study hard and learn everything you can.

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Image source: answersafrica.com