The ability to process information which results in intelligence varies from kids to kids.


According to, the parent’s effort in helping their kids learn can go a long way in shaping their intelligence, and is often more effective than formal classroom learning. All kids are smart but the consistency of their retention and information processing abilities is influenced by different factors. Well it’s back to school season and we are excited that our kids are returning to the classrooms, so we’ve decided to share four tips for mums to help their smart kids stay smart and get even smarter.


Tip 1: Start early

Kids start to develop their cognitive senses really early, so they are different ways to teach them at different stages. As babies, setting up their rooms with bright coloured toys can help them register shapes and colors. As they become toddlers, you can switch to musicals and rhymes that points them to other objects. Another method as cited in is labelling household objects. Pick one or two objects weekly, label them and get your kids to know them. For, early childhood education forms the basis for their lifelong journey.


Tip 2: Help out with homework

This is beneficial to both parents and kids. For the kids, it helps them develop positive habits and skills in a less anxious learning space, that will influence their long term acceptance of knowledge.  For the parents, it fosters a period of bonding and also helps them ascertain their kids’ points of strengths and weaknesses.


Tip 3: Have a family reading culture

Research has proven that kids who grew up with access to lots of book are often smarter than kids who only had classroom books. Start a family reading culture where members of the family have a scheduled reading time, read together and share new knowledge. You can also introduce  a home library where books on different subjects and topics are stored so your kids can pick up new knowledge that’s not in their classroom books.


Tip 4: Reward them for good grades


Ranging from a warm cup of NUNU milk, extra snacks, more TV or play time and even new toys, rewarding kids for good grades or remarkable test scores is one of the effective ways to interest them in learning and performing well. It’s like giving them something to work for or something to look forward to, so they strive to earn this privileges, but  they also need to develop interests in learning other than rewards.


While there are tons of sustainable ways to help kids stay smart, we’d leave you with our  top four and hope to hear from you on what methods you have tried and what the results were.


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