All mums want their child to be smart and healthy.  She wants her child to be successful, to receive recognition at school and in life. But like most things, a desire is not enough. You must set goals and work towards them.

We have some tips for mums to help in this regard, tips we know will go a long way. From nutrition to better reading habits, read on for useful advice:

Read, read, read

A number one tip for mums is this – get kids to read widely and on a daily basis. Not only does this help with vocabulary, it feeds their minds with experiences for development. It also stimulates the brain to make mental connections. Experts recommend at least 20 minutes of reading a day.

A balanced diet for kids… essential

We can’t emphasize the importance of healthy meals for kids. A well-balanced diet will give your kid’s mind and body the nutrients needed to take on challenges in the day. You can learn about the benefits of some common nutrients on this page.


Encourage friendships

Here is a tip some mums take for granted sadly – healthy friendships. According to, studies show that kids who played with friends frequently are “less likely to experience the barriers of exercise like low self-esteem, feeling self-conscious and lack of enjoyment”.

Instil a growth mindset

Life is all about learning and discovering. Help your kids build this mindset. Encourage them to see every challenge as an opportunity to get better and discover their potential. Praise their efforts, not their abilities. They’re less likely to be defeated when they experience tough problems in school.


Look for teachable moments

Don’t just tell your kids that healthy eating is important. Find opportunities to get them to think about why it is. And every opportunity you can get to help your kids develop their skills, seize it. They can practice Math skills by counting ingredients for you. They can improve their vocabulary by looking up words you give them. Be consistent and you will see results.
We hope you find these tips for mums useful. If you did, check out 5 Simple Ways to Keep Your Kids Super Fit.