Fathers are very special to us and most times, it is really hard to express how much they mean to us. We need to celebrate them every chance we get. WIth one day set aside for them, we intend to make it really special for dads and what’s more interesting is getting the kids involved in the planning.

We’ve put together an exciting list of fun activities we think you should totally try out with the kids this father’s day, so keep reading:


Make a special meal

Before any other plan, it is important to prepare a menu for that day. Kids  totally love the idea of being sneaky about a surprises, so they’d go all hush hush about this one. You can also throw in some kid friendly recipe so they have something to work on by themselves. Allow them take on easy tasks like adding toppings, stirring cold things, and helping with measurements.


Fun games

Create fun questionnaires that contain dates or facts that brings a warm memory to mind. The fun part is everyone can be a part of it. The question can be “who is the best dad in the world?”, “who likes football the most in the house” or something of the sort that is mainly about him. The kids can even be in charge of asking the questions or you can form teams and have the kids be part of both teams. Whatever happens today, please let daddy win..


Write a poem with the kids

Kids are so creative in almost all they do. Writing a poem would not be something hard to do, especially when mums are there to help them. The thing about this is, kids, get the opportunity to express themselves and tell their dad how much he means to them and how glad they are to have him as a father. Fathers are not looking for large grammar, the thoughts are all that counts.


Make a short video clip

Make a video with kids about how much you all love him. It could be a mix of the video and slideshows. There is no need for an expensive professional camera to make a beautiful heartwarming video.

It is all about the thoughts at the end of the day.

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