The early stages of growth for kids is the largest aspect of their brain development. At this stage, the experiences they are exposed to become memorable to them. Most times they would like to repeat it a couple of times which is understandable, they are kids! The good thing about kids is that for them, the little things you do mean the world to them. You don’t need something extravagant to make them smile or happy you pretty much just need to understand them. Know their needs, preferences and distastes because their interests are changing as they grow. So here’s how to make children’s day a big deal for your kids:


Give them dessert for breakfast:

Since children’s day is not like every other day for your kids, the menu has to change! We understand that this might take you off your food plan, but it’s their day, so anything for them… The thing is, not all deserts are unhealthy, which makes it possible to make something like fun blueberry oatmeal cups which counts as a healthy meal idea for kids.


Bring them to our party

We are aware there’d be lots of parties for kids on that day, but we know what promises to be the best kiddies party for that day- The Nunu’s children’s day party. In collaboration with Inspiration FM, we’ve put together a party for kids on the 27th of May at Dreamworld Africana at Chevron toll-gate, Lekki. They get to party with our smart mum, brand ambassador and movie star – Omoni Oboli. That would definitely sit well in their memories.


Have a treasure hunt:

Make the day as engaging as possible. Pay close attention to what they like in order to surprise them with it. Children like all the rush, especially when it’s an activity they enjoy. You can hide candies, gift or few 100 naira notes or 50 as you choose. It would also be nice if the moms are participants in the hunt, kids like that too.


See a movie together:

The fantasies that movies bring to kids most time is just breathtaking. How it makes them happy and hopeful is something that they should not be deprived of. Get them together! Tell them its movie night and watch their eyes light up, especially if they don’t get TV time till the weekend. Pop some corn and enjoy the movie with them.

Tell them a story before bed

We bet moms can top the movie’s storyline. Moms have great experiences which allow them to be so creative in the way they construct stories for kids. Tell them something that keeps them confident and assured about the things that happen and the things that will happen. Kids have bright minds and it’s always good to help maintain that.


Tell them everyday and night that you love them. And tell them Nunu wishes them a super amazing Children’s Day.


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