And just like that, school’s out!

We are almost as excited as the kids about summer breaks. We don’t know for certain that moms feel this way, but we got just the right fix for that. While it looks like summer breaks are handful because the kids are home and there are one million things that could go wrong, we say once again this can be fixed. The popular and also recommended methods include summer classes, swimming classes, dance classes, and just about anything that keeps them away from the house long enough for you to catch a breath.

While these are great, we also suggest indoor engagements like crafts. Kids find crafts very fulfilling. They light up when they see the end product of whatever they were working on. Well we come bearing good tidings in form of ideas of some milk arts and craft ideas that would thrill them.

1. Milk Cubes: Super easy one. Get them to dilute NUNU powdered milk with some water and then pour it into an ice tray. Then put the ice tray into the freezer for some hours. When it’s frozen, they can take out the ice from the tray and have it infused with anything like fruits.

2. Milk Arts: Have them pour some milk into a wide tray enough and drop some food colouring into it. Then using a cotton-bud, they can touch each colour and expand it to create different patterns. Then place a sheet of watercolor paper on the water till the pattern is imprinted on the paper. Let the excess drip off and then leave it to dry.

3. Tin Vases: You can also get them to take out the wrappers from the milk tins, paint them into really colourful summer colours and then fill the tins with some soil. Then get them to pick out some fresh flowers for each tin. They can put these vases up as decor in their rooms and then they also get a new plant to nurture through the summer break.


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