Hey there mums, we are excited to share this piece that would create ease if you’re looking to move your kids up the chore ladder. Let’s say the older kids are outgrowing some of their chores and have shown interesting in taking up more responsibilities like joining the food preparation team and graduating from setting and clearing tables. It’s best to start them with convenience meals under your supervision, with that said, below are options for convenient meals older kids can try out supervised.


Pancakes, like most convenient meals, require a few ingredients and involves enjoyable practicals from measuring to scaling and frying. Ingredients required include flour, sugar, NUNU milk, baking powder, etc. According to Bounce Back Parenting, pancake recipe allows for a lot of trials and fixing, or in their words, the recipe is forgiving, so kids can try this out with your supervision and eventually perfect their pancakes making skill.


  • Noodles

Allowing kids to participate in or take over food preparation helps them foster a sense of belonging and also creating some bonding time. Kids definitely need life skills like cooking as it helps them understand food safety and eating right. Fixing their own noodles is also a good place to start, they can also learn some water measurement hacks as well.


Also easy to learn and prepare, scrambled eggs can serve as breakfast for the whole family. Start by telling them how they are responsible for making breakfast for the whole family with your supervision. Some ingredients for scrambled eggs include eggs, butter, and of course NUNU Milk. We have also embedded a really easy recipe you can have them work with.


It is also important to teach them safe and healthy meal preparation practices like washing their hands before touching food, keeping surfaces clean at all times, and cleaning up after themselves when they cook.


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